So, my experience with the 11 second club was not a pleasant one.  Oddly enough, everyone who gave me feedback were the act-it-out-yourself-no-reference type of people, which was entirely unhelpful because at the time I couldn’t physically do that (I was hoping people would actually give feedback on the movements I already had, how they were wrong, and where to go to find usable reference material that’d apply).  I really had no idea what to do, so the whole thing just degraded into an utter horror for animation everywhere.

But the biggest thing were people’s reaction to the model my rig uses.  It’s just a somewhat old makehuman model, chosen because I figured it wouldnt be too hard to write some scripts to easily move my rig onto any makehuman-generated character (which didn’t pan out, since they’ve changed their model several times since then).

It really frustrated me, because I didn’t think people would care so much.  The truth is, I find almost every publicly available (almost always cartoony) rigged character as visually horrendous as people reacted to my model.  I don’t know why, I just can’t stand any of them, and the ones I can stand just don’t have good enough rigging to be usable.  But I can still watch other people’s animation on those models and appreciate it just fine.  I expected other people to do the same for me.

Anyway, I now need to model a new character.  I’m thinking some sort of cartoony cat.  Something that’s exaggerated and comic-ish, and very different from all the many cartoony models already out there.  It’ll probably take me a while to do this, since I don’t really have time and it takes quite a while to model+rig a character.