Since this site is software-neutral, here is a glossary of terms.

  • Axis-Align Constraint – A constraint the aligns either the x or the y axes of an object with another object (or a null).  This is built-in to the aim constraint in Maya, and has the extremely weird name of “Locked Track” in blender.
  • Bone – A component of a skeleton.  My app is bone-based (as opposed to joint-based).
  • Constraint – A condition or piece of code that non-destructively modifies the position of an object or a bone.
  • Null – An object that has no geometry, only a position/rotation/scale.  Called an empty in blender.  I believe most apps call them nulls, though I’m not sure.
  • Point constraint – A constraint that points an axis on an object or a bone at another object (or a null).  I believe this is called an aim constraint in Maya.  Is called track-to in blender.
  • Pole Vec – An object or a null that an IK solver tries to aim the arch of the chain at.  E.g. it’s used for controlling the direction of knees, elbows, etc.

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